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Engaged in the manufacture of professional products, domestic sales of electric construction tools and maintenance tools, has now formed a production, sales and equipment leasing and services in an in


was established in 2000, the company is located in the beautiful eastern port city - Ningbo Xiangshan County. The company mainly engaged in the production of professional production, domestic sales of electrical construction tools and maintenance equipment, has now formed a production, Equipment rental and services in one of the integrated large companies.

The company has consistently adhered to the electrical equipment products to "safety first, quality first, service first," for the purpose of "affordable principle" for the market-oriented, after years of continuous efforts and development, the majority of electricity construction unit users Trust and support. Since the construction, the annual injection of a large number of funds engaged in research and development of new products and the original product of technological transformation, the most advanced technology to improve its manufacturing capacity, year after year to expand its product areas. The same time as.

Company production and sales of transmission and distribution lines tools, mainly for more than 10KV 1000KV following the power line construction and maintenance works. The main products are hydraulic traction machine, hydraulic tension machine series, pulley series, high-pressure hydraulic pump station, pliers series, aluminum alloy pole series, all kinds of sewing pulley series with high quality of ptfe gasket, lifting tackle series, wire rod line series, Wire rope and other series, for the power construction enterprises to produce first-class high-tech products. In 2002, the company continued to develop, invest a lot of money, the introduction of advanced anti-torsion wire rope equipment, the company is Nissan anti-twisting wire rope with small rubber gasket in it,to reach 3000 meters; the company's latest magnesium alloy lever hoist, novel design, light weight, safety factor higher than pure Aluminum alloy products, is to replace the old-fashioned iron lever hoist the best choice; the company's new research and development of two-speed hydraulic pump station, light weight, small machine, the efficiency of the original old-style pumping station on the basis of improved 2 / That is, a work trip only 8-9 seconds, equipped with excellent performance of the engine, has been sent to the company's highly recognized.

The company has always been relying on talent, technology-oriented, their quality, to provide customers with world-quality products and services. Chunqiu Electric Power as a leader in China's electric power tools, has always been committed to the power construction tools and maintenance tools for sustainable development, but also efforts to improve the efficiency of power construction tools and security. In order to this goal, the Spring and Autumn Company employees will be more efforts to achieve the production tools and construction technology sharing, to provide users with more simple, more effort, more secure, more convenient to transport and carry the construction, maintenance tools.

Company management system closely, the production process perfect, reliable product quality; company produces more than 20 series of more than 1,000 kinds of products, the whole series, more varieties. Sales of the country's thirty-two provinces and cities and South Africa, the Philippines, India, Canada, New Zealand, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries, products are praised by users.

I promise all products one year warranty, can be retired, can be changed, repairable, so that all customers without worries.